SENSATIONAL JANINE (Josefine Mutzenbacher...wie sie wirklich war, Part 1, Germany 1976)


The screening of life of the Vienna doxy is the most successful and possibly the best German porn. Even in the USA, he caused quite a stir under the title Sensational Janine. What a pity that the Americans had to watch this film in English dub version! Like this, a funny detail was kept from the audience: the jocular Vienna dialect, which took effect in porn for the first time and which in Germany, contributed to the popularity of this film.

The film is not only the latest craze, but also provides great pornographic attraction. That is because of Patricia Rhomberg! She plays the character of Mutzenbacher outstanding and revitalizes this historical figure in a very stimulating way. She is effectively responsible for the bad quality of the following parts: Patricia Rhomberg was only available for the first part out of four. In part two, three and four, director Hans Bilian unfortunately is bogged down in idiotic silliness in order to deflect from Patricia's moderate successors. In the 1st part of the film, she is mercifully in the centre of all sex scenes. These are sometimes a bit absurd and keyed up, but meanwhile explicit and multifaceted and with this, completely atypical for German porn. The actresses and actors have the distinction of being simple. It seems as if they all come directly out of the folk, which give additional authenticity to the film.

At the beginning of the film, we see Josefine as a teenager. Each night she agonizes over her increasing appetite on being fucked. Masturbation brings her only small relief and so it does not take a long time until first sexual contact. First, she is content with a blowjob, but shortly afterwards she loses her virginity at a well-built fellow who of course does not show the slightest inclination to resist the sexual desire of this wild nymphomaniac. From then on, our heroine straggles through multitudinous erotically adventures and one climax follows the other.

In one scene, Josefine enjoys extreme cumshots three times by only one lover. Moralizers of society get a skit caused by the scene with the priest who turns out to be sleeky and sex-craving, shameless taking advantage of his ascendancy towards Josefine. However, Josefine does not let put herself off her stroke and straight-line follows the way of her destination: she wants to become a bitch by passion and have maximal pleasure while doing this job. Before our very eyes, Josefine realizes her dream. It is a real pleasure to watch her doing this!


Direction: Hans Billian

Actors/actresses: Patricia Rhomberg, Marie-France Morel, Sepp Gneissl, Siggi Buchner, a.o.

Run: 91 min.