This film is one of the few types of porn which, because of his extravagance, was mentioned in arts sections of famous newspapers and which was as well screened in reputable cinemas. To prevent mixing up: Through The Looking Glass has nothing to do with the porn musical Alice in Wonderland, which originated in the same year. Both films are indeed leant on the fairy-tale of Lewis Carroll, but because of the contrary temper, they should be seen as respective contra-parts. Through The Looking Glass is not a blithe musical comedy, but rather disconcerting and thrilling psycho porn.

Catherine Burgess acts a bit coy lady of the upper class. Her father makes over a stately home to her, which she occupies immediately and in which she discovers a strange looking glass. Masturbating in front of this mirror, she gets visions in which her father rises from the dead and chops out of the looking glass like in a horror film. Catherine accepts her father's invitation to a trip to the reverse side of the mirror. The goings on the other side impresses her a lot: Strange people amuse themselves by freaked out sex orgies. From now on, Catherine strolls niddle-noddle between two worlds. In the small introspective sphere of her home, she comes increasingly into conflict with her husband. The fazing but sensual world of her father allures her even more. Finally, she wants to escape the power of the mirror and her undead father.

However, Catherine does not succeed, and one night she masturbates again in front of the looking glass. Her father gloomily comes to the fore like a satyr, fucking her brutally before he finally takes her to the other side. The world over there presents itself as sinister desolate scenery and Catherine realizes that she came to a sex inferno with nasty crackpots.

But there is no turning back now. Catherine's daughter who gets ready to go the same way as her mother finally proves the bad end. The heritage of the looking glass continues.

Through The Looking Glass is a great film, operated by peculiar, sweeping and not least highly erotic images. On the cover of the present DVD is written that the film acts as the pictorial arts of Hieronymus Bosch. It cannot be final cleared if this is true. But it is certain that this porn is an absolute masterpiece!



Direction: Jonas Middleton

Actresses/actors: Catherine Burgess, Laura Nicholson, Jamie Gillis, Terry Hall, Kim Pope, Ultra Max, Bobby Astyr, Nancy Dare, Al Levitsky, a.o.

Run: 91 min.